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The applicant(s) hereby authorizes McKinley/McKinley's Agent to conduct a credit check and criminal check, which includes but is not limited to obtaining a credit report, a criminal background report, and interviewing applicant's references and/or previous landlords. The applicant hereby consents to the credit check process and authorizes any individual listed in this application to speak with McKinley/McKinley's Agent regarding the applicant's present or previous credit performance. Applicant further releases any and all individuals who provide information to McKinley/McKinley's Agent from any and all claims which applicant may have resulting from information provided to McKinley/McKinley's Agent. The applicant also authorizes the release of information based upon reliance either photocopies or facsimiles of the authorization. Applicant agrees that McKinley reserves the right to update the criminal background check and criminal history both prior to taking possession of the premises and upon lease renewal. McKinley may withdraw its offer to allow applicant to lease the premises if updated background checks indicate that Applicant no longer meets the current criteria for residency. The apartment number is subject to change based on availability.

The failure of the applicant to agree to enter into a lease shall be deemed cause for termination of this application and forfeiture of any monies paid on application. The undersigned application certifies that the above information is true and correct and hereby authorizes a verification of the same. Any false information in the application shall lead to rejection of your application or the immediate termination of your lease.

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